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Custom Song Lyric Design

Custom Song Lyric Design

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**Design is hand drawn. Lyrics will be in my handwriting. Will throw in a doodle somewhere fitting. Check my work before ordering because I will have 100% creative control! Don't buy if you don't trust the artist! (me) For real...I have a very distinct doodle-y style so if you hate it this is not for you. Design will be within 5x7 in. You will NOT be emailed a photo of the design before shipping, this is a trust fall! Trust me to make something dope:)

Leave in the order notes (Please make sure you do this, please refrain from emailing us that you couldn't find the order notes since this causes delays on our end. I promise you the order notes are at checkout you just gotta look lol)

1. Lyrics you want: ______________________

(Please keep relatively short. If it's too long I'll be forced to shorten it but I will try my best to not):


*I WILL REFUND AND CANCEL ANY ORDER THAT INCLUDES ANY RACIAL OR DISCRIMINATORY TEXT PHRASES. Profanity is okay just make sure it is not racially targeted or discriminatory of course! I will only be doing song lyrics, nothing else. 

**Failure to leave order notes will result in a random thread/clothing color chosen at the discretion of the owner (I'll make it pretty don't worry). 

*I have the right to relist the design on my website if I see fitting! For example, if you order a Mac Miller Lyric that I believe other people would like, I have the right to reupload it onto the site for an appropriate price. 

✰If you want to order a custom matching set, just order two and leave all customizations and specifics in the order notes!

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Freebies in every order?!

You heard that right! Every EMBROIDERED order will always include a free thank you card you can use as wall decor, and a free BOXEDTRENDS smiley sticker! It's our way of saying thank you. On the .00001% chance we forget to slip one in, please don't be mad at us :( But we always do our best to include it!

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Unfortunately we cannot account for you guys breaking up with your partner. The best we can do is replace your order with similar priced items of your choice, but this option is only available if your order has not shipped! Once it is shipped, we cannot do any returns, exchanges, or refund

How long does it take for my item to ship!

Reminder everything is made by 1-2 college students! We handmake your products with care, and processing times are AROUND 2-8 weeks. If it is over the 2-8 week period, we assure you nothing is wrong, other than we might be a bit backed up if a surge of orders happened at the time you ordered (For example, a Tiktok video going viral). We always try to get everything out ASAP, especially during the holidays, but we ask you keep in mind that nothing is mass produced, hence the wait times. I love you and appreciate your patience! :)

How do I know what size to get?

We have a size chart on our website menu! I recommending sizing 1-2 sizes for an oversized fit!

Do we ship internationally?

Yup! Make sure your address is correct and you add Route Protection Insurance on your order since that package is doing some traveling!

Sizes 2XL-3XL Info

Hi! We now offer sizes 2XL-3XL. However, there is a $6.99 price increase due to the fact that our manufacturer charges extra for the fabric and shipping is also heavier! We also want to preface we have to spend some extra time sourcing and ordering these specific sizes since we don't always have them on hand, and they might be subject to an extra 1-2 weeks processing time! Thank you for your understanding!

Custom Embroidery Info

If you just want custom text you can order that directly on my website!

Custom Text Sweatshirt: CLICK HERE

Custom Text Hoodie: CLICK HERE

Custom Text Trucker Hat: CLICK HERE

Custom Song Lyric Embroidery: CLICK HERE

Want a custom design? Custom College Hoodie? Custom matching hoodies?: currently closed

Bulk Orders

Need to order in bulk? My minimum order quantity is 10 for bulk orders! However, depending on the workload we have, I may or may not turn you down! Especially during high volume seasons such as Christmas and Valentines, we are swarmed with orders! Please email me at for bulk order requests! This is the easiest way for me to see your message since our DMs are always flooded!

Do we need ambassadors/influencers?

At the moment no! We love to think of our customers as our greatest influencers! As much as I would love to send everyone some free hoodies to promote, it's just not in our budget currently to do so! If we ever see an influencer I love, I'll reach out to them, but other than that I would appreciate people to not spam our DM's / emails asking for free products! Thank youuuu.

If we ever do launch an ambassador program, we will announce so on our Instagram!